Does your organization have a lot IT maintenance contracts work that needs to be done on a regular basis, but you aren’t big enough to hire a full-time staff, yet? Make PC Express your IT solution with a maintenance contract.Maintenance contracts are an easy and affordable way to get your company a reliable IT solution without the IT Maintenance Contractsextra overhead. Just figure out which plan is best for you and give us a call to discuss the details.Service Maintenance Agreement

Let us be your dedicated IT solutions team. We offer the following maintenance contracts and IT Maintenance Agreement
We offer IT Maintenance Contracts for every size business

PC Express is your one stop shop for Service Maintenance Agreement Contract

As you can see from those offered on our website, there are many different types of IT services. At Entre, we consequently offer a full range of products and services for organizations looking to excel their business through technology. Most notably, this includes IT maintenance contracts. Unlike the break fix service that we provide, our maintenance contracts are for organizations that rely heavily on the need for routine and frequent IT maintenance support.
This type of service is not only offered on demand, it also gives organizations the opportunity to actively rely on our company for IT support under contract. In other words, with PC Express IT maintenance contracts, you will have a guarantee that we will offer IT solutions and fix any maintenance problems that arise whenever need be.

  • IT Maintenance Contracts To Choose From

    1 Year Contract 5 Hours per Month $350 per month = $70 hourly

  • 1 Year Contract 10 Hours per Month $700 per month = $70 hourly

  • 1 Year Contract 20 Hours per Month $1300 per month = $65 hourly

  • 1 Year Contract 30 Hours per Month $1800 per month = $60 hourly

IT Maintenance Contracts